Eagle Financial Solutions is a full service national firm, located in the Columbus, Ohio area. We are dedicated to providing solutions for the difficult financial issues facing you, your family, or your business each day. As a company, we provide resources for debt-free living and a financially secure lifestyle that can be passed on to future generations.

Our Mission

We provide personalized financial solutions by educating our clients to take control of their wealth and build a secure future, so that they can meet their short and long-term life objectives.

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Meet Our Team

All of our agents are Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisors. Bank On Yourself is a unique insurance strategy that we use to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Click Here for More Information On Bank On Yourself.

John ShedenhelmJohn J. Shedenhelm, CEO of Eagle Financial Solutions, has been in financial services for over 20 years, and is one of only 200 agents in the country who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor. John holds a B.A. from Kent State University, and has worked with over 400 clients to help them achieve their financial goals and dreams. John takes a thoughtful and detailed approach to financial planning, and teaches his clients the importance of educating themselves financially. On a personal level, John is also active in his church and the community, serving as coach for several youth sports teams. John lives in Pickerington, with his wife, Maryanne, and their teenage son.

What John says about Bank On Yourself: “Personally, I love the fact that Bank On Yourself will allow me to become consumer-debt-free forever. And knowing we’ll also able to become our own source of financing for our business expenses is phenomenal! I also love knowing that I am helping my clients feel a sense of control, empowerment, and freedom by eliminating the banks and consumer-debt from their lives, and reaping the long-term benefits of tax-free, predictable growth on their money.”

Ryan FlemingRyan Fleming, Vice President of the College Planning Division, is a College Planning Specialist with a B.A. from the University of Dayton. Ryan has a background in education and 10 years experience with professional baseball, so he is very familiar with the financial pressures facing parents of college students. Ryan specializes in helping parents of college-bound students improve their financial aid picture, and pay for college on a tax-favored basis. He also educates his clients about the Bank On Yourself concept, to provide a secure future for themselves and their families. Ryan lives in Pickerington, with his wife and their three children.

What Ryan says about Bank On Yourself: “It’s such a great feeling to know that I won’t be giving someone else my hard earned money to finance my family’s cars! I will recapture all of it and more because of the Bank On Yourself concept. And it will continue to benefit my family down the line, because I will pass on the discipline to my children and generations to come.”

Ed BeemillerEdward J. Beemiller, Senior Vice President of Eagle Business Solutions Division, has been in the financial services industry within Central Ohio for over 21 years. Ed was formerly the CFO of a $45MM privately held corporation and had spent 17+ years working in the Commercial Banking Industry as a SVP of a Regional Bank in Central Ohio. Ed has extensive experience in advising/consulting with business owners and executives in planning and developing financial strategies, general business consulting, appropriate capital structuring, and securing financing alternatives to ensure the continued successful operations of their companies. He also formed his own consulting company with a niche in working with business owners to create and modify strategic business plans; Identify capital needs of the business; recommending/identifying/negotiating with various capital sources available in the marketplace; and also general business advisory services. Ed holds a BA in Economics and English from Kenyon College and an MBA from The Ohio State University School of Business. He is active in his community, serving as coach for his children’s lacrosse and hockey teams and presently serving on the Board of the Pickerington High School Lacrosse Association. Ed lives in Pickerington with his wife of 25 years.

Brian Minier

Brian Minier, Vice President Eagle Investment Management, oversees Eagle Financial Solutions’ investments division. Brian has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry in various capacities. Brian has a MBA from Malone University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Akron. Brian is an Authorized Bank on Yourself Advisor and assists his clients with many areas of retirement planning and investments. He also specializes in financial planning for young professionals, and helping seniors with Social Security Planning. Watch Brian’s interview on Right On the Money for more about taxes and Social Security for retirement planning: http://eaglefinancialsolutions.com/contact/taxes-your-retirement-video/. (To learn more about our investment management strategies, please click here.)

What Brian says about Bank On Yourself: The Bank on Yourself concept is able to accomplish so many of the financial goals presented by our clients. Further, this method gives peace of mind, predictability, and accessibility. I can personally speak to the value of using Bank on Yourself. The solutions we can provide using the Bank on Yourself methodology are extremely powerful.

Carol BaileyCarroll Bailey, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, is an experienced Retirement and Income Strategist serving clients in this niche since 1998. Carroll believes that client education is key and she works with her clients to help them understand how everyday financial decisions may impact their long term goals.

Carroll focuses on designing the proper “fit” with solutions that match up with her clients’ life goals whether the client is on the path to achieving financial success, or in retirement mode and striving to protect and preserve income and existing assets over the long term.

Trust is at the center of each interaction with Carroll. Her unwavering commitment to her clients sets her apart from other advisors and yields trusted longstanding relationships. She currently resides in Sarasota, FL, and spends time in both Ohio and Florida taking care of clients and enjoying time with family and friends.

What Carroll says about Bank On Yourself: “Personally, I love the fact that Bank On Yourself will allow me to become consumer-debt-free. I only wish I had discovered this wonderful strategy when I started down my financial career path years ago. I have introduced many of my clients to this new way of thinking and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Steve SchobertSteven Schobert, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, has been a senior level business professional with experience and skills across multiple organizations in a variety of industries in Central Ohio for the last 25 years. He works with clients who want a safer method of growing wealth and a predictable stream of income when they retire. He has a degree in Economics from The Ohio State University. Steven is also active in the community, serving as coach for youth basketball and swim teams. Steven lives in Pickerington with his wife and 3 children.

What Steven says about Bank On Yourself: “As an economist, I often wonder why people subject themselves to the emotional ups and downs of Wall Street. What did the market do today? How is my 401K doing today? These are stressful questions to consider. Bank on Yourself, to me, brings peace of mind to our clients. It provides them with a time-tested and secure method to take control of their financial lives.”

Cameron Huey - Bank On Yourself Authorized AdvisorCameron Huey, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, is one of only 250 agents in the country who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor. Cameron holds a B.A. in Marketing from Ohio University. What sets Cameron apart from the competition is his unique approach of utilizing conservative wealth-building strategies to develop a stable and secure financial plan for his clients. Cameron believes that the first step to financial independence and security is to “Pay yourself first!” He firmly believes that money is plentiful for those who desire the financial know-how and understand the simple laws of money. Cameron resides in Grandview Heights, Ohio.

What Cameron says about Bank On Yourself: “I love that I can utilize the same exact strategy that I teach my clients! Helping families build financial portfolios that can withstand almost any financial catastrophe while growing safely and predictably is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world! This concept provides the stability and security that families are looking for.”

Alex Huey - Bank On Yourself Authorized AdvisorAlex Huey, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, is one of only 250 agents in the country who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor. Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati. He was first intrigued by the financial industry after reading Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. After researching the Infinite Banking Concept and the Bank on Yourself strategy, he was inspired by the idea that people can be extremely successful financially, without putting their money at risk in the stock market. His focus is on helping people develop a financial plan that is effective, safe, and minimizes risk.

What Alex says about Bank On Yourself: “When meeting with clients, one of the most common things I hear is ‘Wow! I wish I knew about this strategy sooner!’, so I consider myself extremely fortunate to have learned about the Bank on Yourself strategy so early in my life. I am happy to have a strategy where I can begin saving money with guaranteed growth, have financing options for major purchases and create an emergency fund if I should need a large amount of cash on short notice.”

Steve TilkaSteve Tilka, Retirement Planning Specialist, is one of only 250 agents in the country who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor. Steve graduated in with a B.S. in Finance from  Indiana University in 1986.  Right out of college, Steve trained as a financial analyst and developed his financial foundations. In 1988, Steve began his career in insurance as an integral part of building the sales teams of two start-up insurance companies. He soon went from being an agent and trainer to a state director. After spending over 25 years in the financial services industry, Steve says he has seen so many people take unnecessary risks with their savings, only to lose when the market gives up its gains.   This can be devastating to peoples’ dreams in retirement.  Steve embraces the responsibility to help clients gain greater control of their money so that the money they need is there when they need it. When not at work, Steve enjoys golf, fishing, and spending quality time with his family. Steve and his wife Tracey have been married for 25 years and have two teenage sons.

Kelly Clemens - B.O.Y. AdvisorKelly Clemens, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, is one of only 250 agents in the country who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself® Authorized Advisor.

Kelly holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Divinity Degree, and was a church pastor for 13 years. After watching the funds that were to be used for his mother’s long term care be significantly reduced in the market downturn of 2008, Kelly began his quest for a better way to manage wealth that led him to the Bank on Yourself concept. After practicing Bank On Yourself personally for 9 years, Kelly joined the Eagle Team as a Bank On Yourself Advisor. He believes in building a comprehensive strategy for his clients that encompasses all accounts and benefits including Social Security planning. Kelly is based in Toledo, OH where he lives with his wife, Valorie.

What Kelly says about Bank On Yourself: “I love the peace of mind that comes with the certainty and flexibility of a Bank On Yourself plan. A properly structured plan of this type can be used to address most of the financial issues faced by our clients.”

Rita TilkaRita Tilka, V.P. of Eagle Corp., has been with Eagle Financial Solutions since 2003. Rita attended Florida State University, and has held many different professional titles, including property and casualty insurance agent for American National, life insurance agent for United Income Life Insurance Company, executive assistant to the CEO of US Realty Consultants, executive assistant to the CEO of Fahlgren & Swink Advertising, bridal consultant with David’s Bridal, and branch manager for Interim Temps, Columbus. Rita previously held the position of Director of Client Services with Eagle Financial Solutions for 12 years, and now serves as executive assistant to John Shedenhelm, and is the V.P. of Eagle Corp. Rita lives in Pickerington, and has three grown children. She is a proud grandmother of 8 grandchildren.

What Rita says about Bank On Yourself: “I have had my first policy since 2005, and have already taken multiple loans on it and am repaying myself! This policy will allow me to continue to buy cars and the things I may need as I explore my senior years. It is so wonderful to have the banks out of my life!”

Tyna Agee - Eagle Financial SolutionsTyna Agee, Director of Client Services, joined Eagle Financial Solutions in 2016. Tyna graduated from The Ohio State University in 1996 with a B.A. in Communications and Psychology. Tyna has been in the financial services industry sine 1997 and has been fully securities licensed since 2002. She has worked for such companies as Bank One, JP Morgan Asset Management and Ameriprise Financial. Her extensive professional experience includes customer service, financial planning, risk analysis, portfolio construction as well as sales and management. Tyna enjoys traveling, playing tennis, cycling, hiking and reading. Tyna resides in Worthington with her husband Shawn and their two cats.

What Tyna says about Bank On Yourself: “Through all my years working for different financial firms, I have never come across a more secure financial strategy than Bank On Yourself. This low-risk, stable growth and tax advantageous retirement plan truly offers clients the “sleep soundly at night” solution!”

Rose HillbrandRose Sarko, Director of Sales & Marketing, has been with Eagle Financial Solutions since 2005. Rose graduated in 1998, with a BA in English Literature from the University of Arkansas, and completed her Masters in Library & Information Science at Louisiana State University in 2000. Rose has professional experience in several areas, including copy-writing, web design and internet marketing, information management systems, and sales. Rose is also an online business owner, and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and and spending time with her husband and dog on their small homestead.

What Rose says about Bank On Yourself: “I have been using BOY since 2004, and currently have 2 policies, and have used them to pay off thousands of dollars of credit card debt, vacations, a car, a wedding and honeymoon, and many other financial obligations. I love Bank On Yourself because it allows me to plan for a solid financial future, while still having access to, and the use of, my money right now!”

Melanie CaniniMelanie Forester, Eagle College Planning Client Support Manager, enjoys helping with the daily office operations of Eagle College Planning, handling registration and scheduling for college workshops, serving as liaison with the College Planning Network, and taking care of the customer service needs of our many college clients. She is active in her church and Homeowner’s Association, and enjoys attending sporting events and cheering on the Buckeyes. Melanie served in the US Army Reserve for 8 years, and uses those skills to keep the rest of the office in line! She lives in Canal Winchester with her teenage son, Justin.