As any wealthy and successful person will tell you, an important part of wealth is giving something back. We at Eagle Financial Solutions believe that charitable giving is an essential part of any balanced financial plan. There are many ways to incorporate giving into your financial strategy, from wills and trusts, to more specialized vehicles. One strategy that many of our clients have used is a properly structured Bank On Yourself® policy. (For an interesting case study showing one example of a policy designed and used specifically for charitable giving purposes, see this link: Charitable Giving Case Study.)

However, we also have a unique strategy available to our clients, which benefits BOTH the donor and the recipient of a charitable gift in several important ways.

In most traditional fund-raising efforts, non-profit organizations encourage their devoted donors to offer their support – but in doing so, their supporters are permanently parting with the donated asset(s).

Our unique solution allows non-profits to receive immediate support, while also protecting the assets of their benefactors during their lifetime.

The Immediate Legacy Solution we offer is an innovative concept with a number of unique benefits, including immediate support to the non-profit organization, the ability for the contributions or assets provided by donors to be protected and passed on to designated heirs, an annual income stream for supporters during retirement, certain tax deductions, and more.

To find out more about this unique strategy for giving back to a charity, church, or other non-profit organization of your choice, please contact us to request a free analysis with a Charitable Giving specialist.