College Planning Never Stops

Summer is in full swing, and while many are vacationing, spending time at the pool, or packing to head off to a beach somewhere, those of us in the college planning world are hard at work getting our fall season planned out.


Even though we take a break from college planning workshops in the summer, it’s still a busy time for us – and if you have kids heading to college in the next couple of years, it should be for you, too! Summer is a great time to take a well-earned rest from academics, but that doesn’t mean your students should forget about planning for the college years ahead.

For freshmen and sophomores, summer can be a good time to research careers, majors, and colleges that may be a good fit for his or her interests. Being out of school for the summer months should also provide ample time to continue – or begin – preparing for taking SAT/ACT tests in the fall.

And of course, especially if you’re already traveling for summer vacation, it’s an excellent opportunity to visit colleges that your student is interested in.

Between test preparation, research, and college visits, there are plenty of ways to get a head start on your college plan this summer, so don’t let this time go to waste!

As for your local college planning team, we’re busy putting together our fall Essay, ACT, and SAT “Bootcamp” workshops for our clients, reviewing college plans for our current parents and students to make sure they’re on track, and setting up our fall workshop schedule.

Visit our College Planning website for an updated schedule of upcoming workshops – we’re starting back up in less than 4 weeks, so reserve your seat now!


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