Ryan Fleming - Eagle College Planning interview

Eagle College Planning V.P., Ryan Fleming, Featured on Out ‘N About Columbus

Our college planning division’s Vice President, Ryan Fleming, was recently honored to be featured on an episode of Channel 6 News’ local program, “Out ‘N About Columbus.” The theme of the episode was “Protection,” and the news team interviewed Ryan about our college planning services, and how we help protect families from overspending on college by planning ahead and utilizing strategies designed to maximize a family’s “return on investment.”

As you probably already know, college is a huge investment, and many families who don’t fully understand the process may spend a lot more than they should – without getting the return they expect.

Ryan explains more in the video clip here:


Whether it means choosing the right school to start with and not wasting time transferring, choosing the right major or field of study and graduating a year sooner, garnering more financial aid (either need- or merit-based), or simply having a strategic approach to paying for college costs, rather than taking on heavy loads of debt, there are numerous ways that we can help protect families from overpaying or making a poor college investment choice.

To learn more, visit the Eagle College Planning website for more more information, or to register for one of our FREE local college planning workshops.

Or, you may also call 614-536-0246 to schedule a free college planning strategy session with Ryan.


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