College textbook costs graphic

[Infographic] A Quick Look at College Textbook Turnover

One college expense that many people don’t necessarily plan for is the cost of textbooks. While this would seem that it should be a fairly small expense (after all – how expensive can a book be, right?), in fact it can add up to thousands of dollars (per student) over the college years. Some majors are worse than others when it comes to high textbook costs, with business, medical and science books generally running the highest, and literature and English textbooks at the lower end.

To cut down on the cost for books, your student may be able to sell back his or her textbooks at the end of each semester. However, typically the amount you will get back is only a tiny fraction of the initial cost, and some textbooks (such as business and literature) may not even be returnable as the professor will often change books for every class.

The eye-opening infographic below takes a quick look at the average cost of textbooks for college students, how much money they may get back when selling their books back, buying and selling habits, and more.

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