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[Video] 7 Tips for a Stellar College Essay

An important part of the college admissions process at many colleges and universities is the college essay. For many elite schools where all incoming students have outstanding grades and high test scores, the college admissions essay can be the piece that sets your student apart from the others, or at least gets them a closer look.

Many students mistakenly assume that their college essay needs to be about something huge and impressive, but in fact, the opposite is often the case. What admissions officers really want to see in an essay is what makes your student unique. As the video below explains, a great college essay should tell a story that helps the admissions officer reading the essay feel like he or she knows who your student is. This will help them to decide whether your student is a good fit for their school.

In this short video, Joi Wade, author of “You Got Into Where?” discusses her top 7 tips for writing a college essay that will stand out and get your student noticed by college admissions officers.

The college essay can sometimes be a make-or-break factor to your student getting into his or her dream school. It is not to be taken lightly, and we urge your students to plan early, and spend a sufficient amount of time on their essays to make sure they are done well. This is why we offer LIVE local “Bootcamps” for our clients with an in-person application essays expert every year…

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