Bank On Yourself: How It Works


How can you use Bank On Yourself?

There are lots of ways that Bank On Yourself can improve your financial picture, but some people have asked for more examples of special applications for Bank On Yourself policies.

The videos below will help explain how the concept works for several different needs – including college funding, personal financing, and business capital.


Financing College

Finding the money for a college education can be a daunting prospect. For too many parents, it means paying for college with money that should go to finance their retirement. Using Bank On Yourself to finance a college education gives you much more flexibility than traditional college savings plans, plus advantages you won’t find elsewhere. This video explains how. (Also see our College Planning services page for more information.)

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How to Use Bank On Yourself to Pay for College Without Going Broke


Financing Other Large Purchases

Do you buy cars for your family? How about business equipment? Ever go on vacation, or make improvements to your home? We’re guessing the answer is “yes,” and if you’re like most people, you may not be financing these items quite as efficiently as you could using Bank On Yourself. This quick video explains why, and also how a Bank On Yourself policy can help you to become your own source of financing for the large purchases you need or want in life.

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How to Use Bank On Yourself to Become Your Own Source of Financing


Financing Business Expenses

If you’re a business owner, you are well-aware of the need of a good source for capital. Whether you’re financing vehicles, equipment, or office buildings for your business, the money has got to come from somewhere. With a traditional financing model, business owners can give away tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the years. But Bank On Yourself provides you with a different option. By using the equity in your Bank On Yourself policy as a source of funding for your business, you can gain control over your financial outlay, grow your business, and build your retirement savings – all at the same time. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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How to Use Bank On Yourself to Take Control of Your Business Financing Needs


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