BOOK REVIEW: The Bank On Yourself Revolution

(Contributed by Rose Hillbrand, Bank On Yourself User, Eagle Financial Solutions Employee)

NEW BOY BOOKThe long-awaited new book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution, by Pamela Yellen, hit store shelves in March, and was an instant success, hitting #4 on the New York Times best-seller list within the first week, and also topping the best-seller lists on, Barnes&, and USA Today.

Those who felt that Yellen’s first book was a little light on details should be very pleased with this new installment, which provides great insight into the Bank On Yourself concept, in an easy-to-understand format.

In this book, Pamela addresses a very important question that should give most people pause:

“How much does your financial security depend on things you can’t predict or control?”

If the money that you are counting on to fund your retirement is invested in the stock market, the answer is—almost completely.

Bank On Yourself provides an alternative to this stressful (and all-too-common) situation, but this book goes into a lot more detail on how and why.

Whereas the first Bank On Yourself book merely introduced the concept, Bank On Yourself Revolution dives more into the nuts and bolts of how and why it works, covering topics such as the structure of a good Bank On Yourself policy, facts about the different types of life insurance, how the economy (inflation, deflation, value of the dollar, etc.) affects B.O.Y., and why EIUL is not the same thing and won’t work well for B.O.Y..

She also discusses special applications of the concept to certain situations, such as funding college expenses, creating business capital, paying off consumer debt, and growing and protecting your retirement funds—even if you’re already retired.

In fact, there is a whole chapter of the book devoted specifically to how the Bank On Yourself concept can be used by seniors – which is something that many people ask about.

Last but not least, this book also explains the pitfalls of our current financial system, and why even the originator of the 401k says that he would scrap it and “restart with something totally different”!

Overall, this book provides a great amount of detail for anyone seeking to understand the whys and hows of the Bank On Yourself concept, and despite its fairly thick 256 pages, it’s a quick and easy read.

Whether you are searching for predictability and growth in your retirement plan, a way to become your own source of financing, or just the ability to take back control of your financial future, this book will start you on the right path.

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