Stock Market Hullabaloo

We’re having a quiet week here at the office, with most of our advisors at the annual national Bank On Yourself conference, but the markets have been anything but quiet of late, as you’ve probably noticed.

With markets hitting record highs, these days are sometimes frustrating for safe money advisors – after all, who wants to put their money in something slow and steady when there are such big juicy returns apparently ripe for the picking? But all that glitters is not gold, as this Wall Street Journal article clearly explains.

There are some signs that the economy may slowly be recovering – for example – the lowering supply of available homes as buyers snap them up during this time of low interest rates. But overall, from what we’ve seen, if this is the start of a recovery it will not happen overnight. In the long term, it is likely this apparent period of growth will prove to be but a short rally, and those who jumped in with both feet will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Nonetheless, it happens every time. Stock prices jump, and the crowd follows – often over the edge of a cliff – sometimes to their financial demise. You would think at some point we would learn, but apparently it is part of human nature – we’re fickle and forgetful creatures, after all.

But as for us safe money advisors, just remember that we are here when you’re ready to stop following the noise of the crowd – here plugging away, slow and steady, quietly building wealth in the long term, and helping you put together a plan for a solid financial future that isn’t subject to the whims and hullabaloo of the market.

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