What’s Next for the US Economy?

(Contributed by: Joe Overfield, SVP Eagle Planning Division)

As markets rise and spending continues, Americans are thinking the worst is behind us.  The government has begun tapering the quantitative easing (QE) and as it appears the economy is standing on its own two feet. So what’s to come? More continued economic success or one of the greatest downfalls in history?

According to Harry S. Dent,  we can expect an even greater crisis than 2008 to begin in early 2015.  Harry S. Dent is the man who predicted Japan’s Lost Decade… The Recession of 1990-92… The Biggest Bull Market Run in U.S. History… and Most Recently, the 2008 Credit Crisis and Stock Market Crash… Now Predicts An Even Greater Crisis.  He makes his predictions based on demographics, not solely on economics, and has a history of predicting correctly.

Want to know why he is predicting yet another economic crash?  Read the article to find out and learn how you can protect your financial future!

Read here: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article46659.html.


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