5 Expenses Millennials Don’t Have

Every generation has its own culture (i.e. sayings, style, gadgets) but there are some things that have carried over from generation to generation. The things that have carried over are the things that have made our world go around for years. After 1980, though, our world, culture and communication has drastically changed due to technological advancement.

Thanks to the internet, Millennials have a completely different way of life than their parents and grandparents could ever dream of having. It is because of this, Millennials do not need certain things to survive today, that our past generations have always relied on before.

We found an article that lists 5 expenses Millennials don’t have:

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1. Books, newspapers and magazines.

Most people nowadays get online to get their information–it is fast, easy and accessible. Books, magazines and the news have been turned into ‘apps’ that can be downloaded on almost all devices (some of which can be taken just about anywhere).

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2. Landline phones.

The article states that “according to US Census data, 65 percent of householders between ages 15 and 29 don’t have a landline.” Makes sense! Why would one need two phones when one of those phones (cellular) can go with you everywhere you go?

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3. Cable TV.

Here is another example of how the internet has changed the world. No longer does one have to sit at home to watch their favorite TV show–people are now able to stream from any location, almost every T.V. show and movie there is on their devices.

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4. Postage.

Not everyone takes advantage of paperless billing, but the majority of people do. Email and online account management also makes it easy to eliminate the need for postage stamps. Now, almost everything can be sent via internet.

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5. Hardcopy music.

Remember how many vinyl records, eight tracks, cassettes and CDs you had and how much room they took up? No need for any of those these days! People are now able to go online to purchase music and play it at their convenience.

With all that being said, don’t think for a second that Millennials have less expenses to worry about. In fact, if you think about it, some of the above expenses have been replaced with others (i.e. Buying hardcopy music has been replaced with purchasing downloadable music). The rising cost of a college education is also a major expense that the current generation will have to face for years and years to come.

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