The Impact of Wall Street’s Lies

(Contributed by John Shedenhelm, CEO, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor.)

The root of the problem we face with our investments and finances these days can be summed up by one simple fact: We make decisions based on what we think we know that just isn’t so.

The problem is we have been lied to by Wall Street. I should know because from 1992 to 2003 I was an advisor during the biggest bull run in the history of the US stock market. Our clients were investing in Wall Street’s mutual funds and they were making money…until the technology bubble burst in 2000-2003. (The market later started to recover, then collapsed again in 2008.)

Traditional thinking leads us to believe that we have to take risk with our money in order to achieve our financial goals. Wall Street tells us that you make money in the long run, so you just need to stay the course.

But if this approach is working so well for Americans, then why is our country in so much financial trouble? Why are people working longer than ever, and with less hope of retiring comfortably? Who do you know that is financially free from investing in the market? I have met with thousands of families in the last 21 years and I have not met one person who had succeeded financially by investing in the market.

I have heard people say recently after the market’s recent losses that it was a great time to buy. Are you serious? Does that mean it was a good time to sell before that? Was anyone saying that to clients? What guarantees do we have that the market will go up?


Wall Street firms make money when you buy and hold. When your account goes down in value, you still pay fees on your account which can range from .50 to 4%. Do you know what your cost basis is on your investments? How much of the money in your 401k is money that you actually contributed, yourself? You should find out because the truth could shock you.

Did you know that after the Great Depression in the late 1920’s it took 25 years to recoup your losses in the stock market? Japan was once a world economic power in the 1980’s. In 1990 the Nikkei was around 40,000. 21 years later it is around 10,000! If you had invested $1,000,000 in 1990 today it would be worth around $250,000! Think it cannot happen again here? Think again and read this article from Reuter’s Analysis:

How long can you wait before it is too late?

Thankfully Bank on Yourself has changed my life and our client’s lives for the better. We have had more financial success in the last 8 years using this strategy than the previous 21 years using conventional financial wisdom. We believe a good portion of our clients’ money should be money that they can count on.

Our clients sleep better at night. Shouldn’t you?

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