America Saves Week: Financial Tips from the Pros

It’s the last week of February and it’s also America Saves Week!

America Saves Week was founded in 2007 by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council. The website states that this week is to “promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.”

In honor of America Saves Week, we asked a few of our advisors for a financial tip to help you save and get your finances on track:

John Shedenhelm, CEO


John Shedenhelm’s Financial Tip:

“Keep it simple and don’t spend more than you make! For starters, it is good to save a minimum of 10% of your gross income per year. Save more if you can!”



Ryan Fleming, VP Eagle College Planning


Ryan Fleming’s Financial Tip:

“Many times when looking at one’s financial health it seems that very few people have knowledge of the 3 major influences that tend to dictate “why” we do what we do with our accumulation of assets over our lives. I believe it is very important to understand the “players in the game”; more specifically, understanding the role of government-made programs (i.e social, security, pensions, 401k plans) can explain why we may not want to plan for total reliance from these programs for our senior years.

We also need to understand that Wall Street has made people believe you have to take unnecessary risks to achieve a fruitful retirement. Although this may be appropriate with a portion of your assets, did you know that up until the 1950’s people who survived the Great Depression had an average savings rate of close to 30% (nearly 50% of this in life insurance contracts)? And they only spent approx. 11-12% of each dollar on debt! A far cry from 2013 – when these numbers are more than reversed…

Lastly, we have to be aware of our own human nature. Humans tend to do things that aren’t in their best interest all the time. If we aren’t careful we can be baited to the edge in many areas of our life from societal views to financial planning.

Imagine if we all would take these three things into consideration when planning to be good stewards of the money God gives us? It might make for less stress, more control and more opportunities to help others. Now that’s a plan I like!”


Joe Overfield, SVP Eagle Planning Division


Joe Overfield’s Financial Tip:

“Setting a goal for your financial future is important. However, defining your objectives will allow you to reach your goal! If you have not defined your retirement objectives, fire your advisor and contact us.”



Ed Beemiller, SVP Eagle Business Services


Ed Beemiller’s Financial Tip:

It often is a good time to schedule a meeting with a Financial Advisor to get a clean bill of financial health, just as you visit your family doctor for your annual appointment to ensure your personal health.”



Brian Minier, VP Eagle Charitable Giving


Brian Minier’s Financial Tip:

“Creating a realistic budget can really help with overall financial planning. To get a realistic picture of your spending, all monthly expenses should be tracked. This will give you a good idea of expenses that go unnoticed but add up quick. Your budget can be revised once you know for sure what you are spending.

Over time, you will see trends and identify various spending habits that can be reduced. These spending cuts can then be made into long-term savings strategies.”


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