Do You Own a Business or Plan on Owning One?

Do you own a business, or are you planning on starting one?

Ed BeemillerHere at Eagle Financial Solutions we not only help individuals and families with their financial planning needs, but we help businesses as well.  To give you an idea of how we can help you and your business we asked Ed Beemiller, Senior VP of Business Services, to explain some of our core principles and how they may apply to you:

Q:  How would you say Bank On Yourself benefits business owners specifically?

A:   I believe Nelson Nash and Pamela Yellen were actually thinking about business owners when they created and fine-tuned the Bank on Yourself Strategy since its many benefits line up perfectly to meet the needs of the business owner market.  The features of the Bank on Yourself concept provide a mechanism by which business owners can build wealth on a tax free basis and an alternative source of capital which they can access at any time, for any reason, to help fund capital expenditures required to operate or grow the business.  In addition, if these plans are structured properly, the wealth accumulated is protected from all lienholder interests and even in the event of a bankruptcy.  Another significant benefit that BOY can provide is Key Man protection for the business owner to secure the continued operations of the company if something were to happen to the owner prematurely.  Overall, this strategy is a very useful tool for the business owner which addresses the strategic issues that all business owners face but often overlook.

Q:  Other than Bank On Yourself, how else can you/your division help business owners?

A:  Our business services division can assist any business owner or professional with many strategic and financial planning issues.  We are active in assisting businesses with Key Man Protection, Buy/Sell Planning and funding options, creating and implementing Executive Compensation/Bonus Plans, and we also offer a full array of consulting services to help companies with business planning/modeling and obtaining the necessary capital to operate their businesses.  If you are interested in finding out more about our services or how we could potentially help your business get to the next level, please contact us directly for a free consultation.

Does this sound like something you would like to take advantage of?  Contact us today to request a free analysis to speak with Ed about your business. We are always here with strategies and solutions help you live out your dreams and obtain financial security.

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