Important Debt Question: Who’s Going to Pay?

(Shared by Dan Eisenhauer, Executive Vice President, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor)

More classic insight in this article from Bill Bonner regarding our debt crisis.  Good question:

Who is going to pay?

Think about your own debt….  It doesn’t just go away.  Either you pay, the creditor pays or the public pays one way or the other.  In the case of the U.S. and numerous other countries around the world, this is going to come to a head probably sooner than later and the markets certainly don’t react calmly to bail-outs and haircuts.

In just two days, the markets have given back a lot of the October gains and the S&P YTD change is back to  a -1.7%.  Riding this roller coaster in the markets is a high-risk proposition.  What if there was a safer alternative?  What if you could predictably grow and protect your wealth without all of this volatility and risk?  Worth a look, wouldn’t it be???

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