[Infographic] What You Should Know About Life Insurance

Sometimes just talking about life insurance can make people uncomfortable. While this is understandable, considering that we humans never like to face our own mortality, it’s also a necessary conversation!

We tend to be procrastinators, and put off dealing with difficult topics like estate planning or thinking about what will happen to our loved ones when we are no longer here, but a bit of advance planning can provide much-needed peace of mind to both yourself and your family.

We all hope to live long, healthy, happy lives, but unfortunately, life is unpredictable. We feel, however, that your financial plan should not be!

Having proper life insurance coverage can help you make sure that the plans you have for your family will come to fruition – even if you happen not to be lucky enough to be around to see it happen.

Having a plan in place to make sure, for example, that your spouse can stay in your home if something happens to you, or that your children will still be able to attend college, can be of great comfort, no matter how long you live.

If something happens to you, do you have enough insurance in place to protect your most valuable asset (your family)?

Unfortunately, many families do not. Check out this eye-opening infographic from HR Block:

Life Insurance infographic

What about you? Would your family struggle if the primary breadwinner met with an untimely death?

If you would like to review your life insurance coverage to make sure your family is protected, feel free to contact us for a free, confidential analysis



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