Protect Your Company Against Key Employee Losses

(Shared by Rodney Blackburn, Business Specialist)

This is a great article for business owners that shows you some wonderful financial advantages for protecting your employees, your company, and creating more company tax-deductions. SERPs or Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans are the best financial vehicles to protect your company against any key employee losses.

When a company loses an executive, manager, or any person(s) the company deems valuable, they have to replace the monetary value of those individuals if they should die or leave your company. Creating a whole life w/ cash accumulation insurance policy creates a net worth benefit to your company, making it much easier for your company to deal with the unexpected transition.

Other benefits include: potential company tax-deduction on the cash value accumulation that is paid into each policy by the company; allows for better employee retention. There are so many benefits in utilizing a SERP within your organization. See full article for more details:


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