Summer Saving Tips!

Only 15 more days until the first day of summer (not that we are counting or anything…)! There are so many events and activities that come along with the season that it is hard to not spend a little more money than usual. But, don’t let those summer activities break your budget! There are many different ways in which you can cut costs this summer and still do the things you enjoy most!

Here are a few ways to reduce costs and stay on budget this summer:


1. Save on air conditioning: If possible, decrease your air conditioning use and start using ceiling and/or floor fans. Just by switching over to fans, your energy costs can be decreased by 20%! If you have to turn on your air conditioner, be sure your filter is clean so that it runs as efficient as possible.

2. Save on electricity: Keep lights off as much as possible and open your windows every chance you get (especially on those cool summer nights). Another good way to save on electricity is to cookout more to reduce inside appliance usage.

3. Save on laundry: Get out that clothes line! It’s summer after all and your dryer probably needs a break.


4. Save on food: Start a garden of your own and/or visit your local farmer’s market to get the freshest in-season produce. In-season produce costs less than out-of-season produce.

5. Save on gym memberships: In a few words: take your workout outside!

6. Save on gardening: Water your plants either in the morning or at night. Water is absorbed slower when it is cooler outside (the hotter it is outside the quicker water evaporates).


7. Save on transportation: Carpool–we know, it is easier said than done. But do it if you can. If not, look for the cheapest gas prices around town to ensure you are paying the lowest price!

8. Save on childcare: If you can (and trust this person), hire one babysitter to babysit your child and the other children in your neighborhood. You can split the costs with the other parents.

Challenge yourself this summer to practice one (or more) of these summer saving tips!

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