These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things…

They say knowledge is power… and well, to us it is!

We are constantly reading, listening and watching all sorts of things in order to find the best tools to help educate our clients. Whether you are new to the concept of Bank On Yourself or don’t know much about it, it is important to be informed and understand the smart and secure way to finance your future.

So we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our tricks-of-the-trade with you and picked out a few of our favorite tools we use to help inform our clients…

Many of you are already familiar with Bank On Yourself, by Pamela Yellen, but may not be aware of these other resources, which approach the concept in various ways – from extra-detailed number crunching, to broad financial philosophy – so that you can learn about the concept in the way that is best for you. You can find these online, or feel free to contact us for a copy – we usually have most of these on hand.

1—DVD: Banking With Life

BWL-DVDDescription: This DVD is great for those of us who don’t like to read or have the time to read. This has all of the information the banks and I.R.S. do not want you to know. It is very eye-opening and easy to understand, and it outlines the following information and more:

“-How the Federal Reserve and Commercial banks are destroying the value of the dollar.

-Why a tax-qualified retirement plans are really just an I.O.U to the I.R.S.

-What the Infinite Banking Concept is, and how anyone can use it to win the financial game by default.”

Duration: 50 minutes


2—Book: Financial Independence in the 21st Century

Financial Independence book coverAuthor: Dwayne Burnell, MBA and Suzanne Burnell, MSc

Description: One of our favorites! We’re sure you’ll love it too. This book empowers you to take control of your money to plan a safe, secure and smart financial future. This book will teach you to stop chasing R.O.I. and recognize how eliminating your tax liability and reducing the interest you pay to banks will far better improve your financial future.


3—Book: Becoming Your Own Banker, 5th Edition

Becoming Your Own Banker bookAuthor: R. Nelson Nash

Description: Another one of our favorite books we give our clients especially if you are a numbers person! This is the nuts and bolts that will give you the true details of Bank On Yourself. Banks are making hundreds of thousands of dollars by compounding interest. Learn how you can do the same for yourself while creating wealth towards retirement.


So there you have it… some of our favorite resources that have helped thousands of clients realize the safe, smart and secure money saving strategies that we have been implementing for years.

To learn more about how to apply these strategies in your own financial life, click the “Get Started” button to the right to sign up for a free no-obligation analysis to start securing your financial future today!


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