Video – How To Fire Your Banker

This short but entertaining and informative video by Pamela Yellen sums up the financing capability of the Bank On Yourself concept (as well as several other benefits) quite nicely, and is a great resource for those new to the concept – feel free to “Share” with friends!


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2 comments on “Video – How To Fire Your Banker

Phil Barry

I am a real estate investor and would like to use Bank on Yourself to purchase my investment properties. How do I as an investor capitalize my Bank on Yourself account to fund my deals from day 1 without the IRS ruling it a Modified Endowment Contract? My goal is to turn $2 Million in real estate deals per year. Also is their software available to to show for IRS compliance that my LLC borrowed funds from my Bank on Yourself?


    Hi Phil, Thanks for your question. We do have a number of clients who are using the B.O.Y. approach to fund real estate investments. The best thing to do would be to request a free analysis with a Bank On Yourself Authorized advisor who can discuss your specific situation with you and see what options would work best for you.

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