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Real Estate Investing With Bank On Yourself

If you Bank On Yourself, you may have used your policy for purchasing cars, vacations, weddings, or for emergencies that arise, but did you know that many people also use their cash values for investing in things like real estate?

If you’re a real estate investor, you may not be aware of the multiple benefits that Bank On Yourself can provide you. Most real estate investors take out mortgage loans to purchase properties, and then spend decades (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) repaying these loans.

While real estate can absolutely be a lucrative investment when done properly, it would be a much better investment if you didn’t have to fork over so much money to banks and mortgage companies in the process!

By using your Bank On Yourself policy cash value to purchase and maintain real estate, you will reap several benefits:

  1. You can use your Bank On Yourself policy to build your real estate portfolio. By using your cash value to purchase properties, you may be able to increase your real estate holdings without taking mortgage loans from a bank.
  2. Bank On Yourself secures your property holdings. Since a Bank On Yourself policy is not subject to market volatility, it is a much more secure and stable investment that you can use to purchase real estate without worrying about your account values declining at the wrong time.
  3. Bank On Yourself allows you to function essentially as “your own bank.” When purchasing real estate through a traditional mortgage company, the bank determines your credit-worthiness, so you are dependent upon the bank’s approval when qualifying for a mortgage loan. By using your Bank On Yourself policy instead, you are in control of your purchasing power.
  4. Bank On Yourself provides diversification. Any investor will tell you that diversification is key, and using your life insurance policy to diversify your portfolio allows to utilize the predictability of an ongoing dividend payment, which you can use to maintain your real estate holdings.

By using the Bank On Yourself model of cash value permanent life insurance to invest in real estate, you can not only eliminate banks and mortgage companies from your life, but can also provide a buffer against market volatility.

If you have questions about integrating life insurance into your real estate portfolio or how you can benefit from this strategy, please contact us to speak with a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor.


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