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Retirement Planning Guide

This comprehensive retirement planning guide answers many of the common retirement planning questions that we hear from new clients, including how much do you need to save for retirement? What is the best place to save? What is the difference between the many different types of retirement plans available to you? And much more!

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If you would like more information on Bank On Yourself, the following articles and videos may be helpful for you:

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NEW BOY BOOKThe Bank On Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future

Author: Pamela Yellen
Publication Date: 2014

Description: Our new favorite! A follow-up to her first book (Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future), The Bank On Yourself Revolution further explains this proven method for growing your wealth safely and predictably every year regardless of whether the markets go up or down. Read this book and learn how thousands of people have taken control and secured their own financial futures.

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BOY BOOKBank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future 

Author: Pamela Yellen
Publication Date: 2009

Description: Pamela’s first book is an all-time favorite. This book gives a detailed explanation of just how Bank On Yourself works by using real life examples of how people have secured their financial futures while meeting their short and long-term financial goals. This book also features the life-changing story of one of our very own staff members and clients, Rose Hillbrand!

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Financial+Independence+in+the+21st+Century_0984133542_300Financial Independence in the 21st Century

Authors: Dwayne Burnell, MBA and Suzanne Burnell, MSc
Publication Date: 2012

Description: This is a very popular book among our clients! This book empowers you to take control of your money to plan a safe, secure and smart financial future. This book will teach you to stop chasing R.O.I. and recognize how eliminating your tax liability and reducing the interest you pay to banks will far better improve your financial picture.



nashBecoming Your Own Banker, 5th Edition 

Author: R. Nelson Nash
Publication Date: 2000

Description: Another one of our favorite books we give to our clients – especially if you are a “numbers person”! This is the nuts and bolts that will give you the true details of Bank On Yourself. Banks are making hundreds of thousands of dollars by compounding interest. Learn how you can do the same for yourself while creating wealth towards retirement.



JohnBookCoverThe Secret To Lifetime Financial Security

Featuring: John J. Shedenhelm, Pamela Yellen & The Nation’s Foremost Financial Security Professionals

Chapter 14: How to Free Yourself From the Slavery of Debt, By: John J. Shedenhelm
Publication Date: 2013

Description: CelebrityPress™ describes the book: “Between the covers of The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security, the nation’s best and brightest financial advisors show you how to stop worrying about the next market crash and achieve the financial security and peace of mind you deserve. These authors will help you discover little-known ways to turn your back on Wall Street and grow and protect your hard-earned dollars, learn how to fire banks and credit card companies and become your own source of financing.”

Grab a copy of the best-selling book featuring John, one of our Bank On Yourself advisors!

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BankwithLifeDVDBanking With Life
Publication Date: 2013

Description: This DVD is great for those of us who don’t like to read or have the time to read. This has all of the information the banks and I.R.S. do not want you to know. It is packed with helpful graphics, charts, and details, and outlines the following information:

“-How the Federal Reserve and Commercial banks are destroying the value of the dollar.

-Why a tax-qualified retirement plans are really just an I.O.U to the I.R.S.

-What the Infinite Banking Concept is, and how anyone can use it to win the financial game by default.”

Duration: 50 minutes


Streaming Video (FREE)

This video provides a great overview of how we approach financial planning using our unique, holistic planning philosophy. Many financial planners simply sell one-size-fits-all products, but we specialize in designing a comprehensive financial plan that will meet all of your personal financial needs and goals throughout your lifetime. The video below includes the 4 important questions you will need to answer in order to build a solid financial plan. By helping you to come up with appropriate answers to these questions, we will be able to help you create a strategy to achieve your short and long-term goals.



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