The 4% Rule – Does It Still Work?

(Shared by Rodney Blackburn, Business Specialist)

If you always hoped to have enough money to retire the way you want to, you might want to take a few minutes and read the following article. Most people in our nation think they can live off of 4% of their savings when the great day of retirement is finally upon them.

Well guess again!

Over 90% of the baby boomers have lost 30-40% of their retirement just within the last 3 years because of the drop in the markets. Even for those who aren’t retiring for another 10-25 years, you might want to learn from the mistakes of our baby boomer generation, because you too will need to make certain that you have done your homework so you don’t fall into the same predicament.

Living off of 4% is a great concept for someone who lives in the 1990’s or earlier, but for you and I, well… we will need much more. Read further for details here:

And if you think you’d like to retire on MORE than 4%, consider starting a Bank On Yourself plan (or several) as early as you can, and funding it to the maximum. B.O.Y. retirees are often able to take out 5% or more from their plans for 20-30 years, and STILL leave money to their heirs. And they know the money will be there, and how much they will be able to take out – without worrying about market fluctuations. To find out more, and see if Bank On Yourself is right for you, visit and click the orange “Get Started” button to request a free analysis with a qualified Bank On Yourself advisor.


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