[Webinar] Not All Life Insurance Policies Are Created Equal

Please join us next Wednesday, April 8th to discover a little-known way to help you achieve the financial security and peace of mind you deserve!

“Buy term and invest the difference”! That’s what thousands of financial gurus are telling their clients – especially when whole life insurance is brought up in the conversation.

At Eagle Financial Solutions we agree. BUT ONLY if they’re talking about traditional whole life insurance – NOT Bank On Yourself

Bank On Yourself by design is NOT a traditional whole life policy. Bank On Yourself-type policies have riders or options added on that significantly turbocharge their growth compared to traditionally designed policies.

So do you know the difference? Is it worth risking your financial future by NOT taking the time to find out?

This webinar will address the following questions:

1-What makes a Bank On Yourself policy different than a traditional whole life insurance policy?

2-What benefits will I receive by owning my own Bank On Yourself policy?

3-Will Bank On Yourself still work for me if I’m over 60?

4-Can’t my current financial advisor help me with a Bank On Yourself policy?

Joe Overfield, SVP Eagle Planning Division

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Title: Not All Life Insurance Policies Are Created Equal

Presenter: Joe Overfield, VP Eagle Planning Division

Date: Wednesday, April 8th

Time: 12:00pm-12:30pm ET



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