Who’s Your Doctor? Why Trusting the Wrong People Can Hurt Your Retirement

(Shared by Joe Overfield, VP – Financial Planning Division, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor)

If you thought that you broke your ankle playing basketball with your child, would you go to the emergency room or would you ask your friends and neighbors what you should do?

Obviously the correct answer is that you would go to the emergency room because you know they are well trained and equipped to take care of your needs.

So with that said, why do so many people ask financial advice from their friends and neighbors who are not professionally trained in that area of expertise?

I was speaking with a prospective client a few days ago who was having a change of heart with starting his Bank on Yourself plan. His reasons were, “I was reading a blog that was discussing the concept and many people had negative responses. They said it’s expensive insurance, that you lose your cash value when you die, and that you can make much more in the market.”

I asked my client who the individuals were that were making those statements and his response was “I have no idea.” So why would he put his financial future at risk on the advice of someone he doesn’t know, and who knows nothing about the concept?

Bank on Yourself is a proven and guaranteed strategy that will allow you to retire as you wish if planned properly.

If you are unhappy with your current strategy or you don’t feel you are on track to retire as you once thought, stop listening to the same old folks with the same old strategies that are not working.

Take the time to speak with an Authorized Bank on Yourself advisor and open your mind to learning something new so that you can determine if this concept is right for you.

If there was a guaranteed strategy that will provide you with the retirement account you have always hoped for, wouldn’t you want to know about it?  To find out more about whether Bank On Yourself is right for you, request a free financial analysis today by clicking the orange “Get Started” button to the right.


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