How Customizable is Your Retirement Plan?

(Shared by Tom Chelf, Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor)

No one person’s financial plan is the same as anyone else’s. Everyone has different goals and aspirations as to the lifestyle they want to live and how much to invest for retirement. Why then are the most common financial vehicles not customized to
individual needs?

Good question!

That’s why, at Eagle Financial Solutions, we practice the Bank On Yourself concept. With Bank On Yourself, we use a specially-designed whole life insurance policy as a vehicle for achieving a sound financial future. With these policies, the typical death benefit is accompanied by an increasing cash value with great liquidity, which offers many living benefits as well. Every single person who has started a (correctly designed) Bank On Yourself policy has had continued growth throughout the life of the policy. This growth is both safe and predictable, and requires no luck or guesswork, unlike the stock market!

But the best part of the Bank On Yourself concept is its versatility. Each policy is customized to the policy holder, and designed to fulfill your (the policy holder’s) needs.

Your qualified Bank On Yourself Authorized advisor will work with you to help you determine exactly how much you need to accumulate to be able to live your desired lifestyle as you reach retirement age, and design a plan for you accordingly. If you would like extra death-benefit, long-term care, or other riders, your advisor will also discuss these options with you.

These items will be determined through a free, no-obligation consultation with a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor. Only after this individual consultation will your Advisor create an illustration for you and start to discuss options that fit your desired coverage, as well as your contribution comfort level. A Bank On Yourself policy allows you to live the way you want during your retirement years, while also leaving a legacy for your children and/or grandchildren.

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your finances, when your situation is most likely unique from anyone else’s? Use the Bank On Yourself concept to customize your
financial future and start planning for a rock-solid retirement that you know will be there when you need it the most (unlike the 401k)!

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